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  • Napisan Non Biological Stain Remover 800 g


Napisan Non Biological Stain Remover 800 g




For a hygienic wash, Kills germs & even works at 30ºC
Brightens whites
Microbiologically tested
Kills 99.9% bacteria in your laundry*
*Kills 99.9% bacteria at 40°C
Peace of Mind Hygienic Wash
Every day you can come into contact with germs when in crowded environments, public places or in the presence of pets. A regular detergent cleans but does not disinfect. Napisan not only cleans your clothes, but also kills the germs you can't see to leave your garments even more hygienic.
Microbiological Tests
Napisan has been proven through microbiological testing to disinfect and destroy 99.9% bacteria in your laundry at as low as 40°C.
Remove Stains
Napisan releases active oxygen to remove everyday stains such as grass, mud and carrot baby food even at 30°C.
For a hygienic wash
Add in every wash
Removes stains at 30°C
Microbiologically tested

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